Five exciting innovations in gaming that entrepreneurs should know about.


From Mario to PubG, the video gaming industry has witnessed a transition that no one had anticipated. Professional gaming has embedded itself into the cool culture of the Millennial. This has also fuelled the emergence of collateral industries of graphic cards and virtual reality headsets etc. The popularity of recreational games, the emergence of science fiction or the opening of globalization have contributed fairly to this experience.

Following are the top 5 innovations that will change the consumption and trends in the gaming industry:

1. Cloud-based gaming:

Similar to movie streaming service, the ability to stream video games is becoming more and more a reality, this is leading the game developers and players to compete for gaming glory. Special gaming tablets that allow cross-platform gaming will address the issue of software compatibility of their existing systems.

2. Blockchain in gaming:

‘God’s Unchained’, world’s first blockchain-based eSport indicates that both, gaming developers and users will be getting together with blockchain soon. This will establish the true ownership of the items they purchase or earn from the games, adding real economic value to their digital assets.

3. Artificial Intelligence in gaming:

From education to manufacturing, every industry is trying to dip its legs into the big and fast world of Artificial Intelligence. The most basic and primary inclusion of AI in gaming is the default computer opponent.  Today it has advanced to stunning visuals, motion-capture technology, and effective algorithms. The monotony of playing against the same opponent has been broken keeping every experience unique and challenging.

4. Voice recognition and Gesture control:

Voice recognition in gaming can help control the gaming gestures, monitor the controls and even side-line the role of a controller. Simply by talking to your controlling device, you can search the web, boast about your scores on social media or browse through the gallery. Gesture control allows users to connect with their gaming experience by using the natural movements of their body. A lot of action-oriented games have already implemented this technology where a sketch of your hand is displayed on the screen which gives directions to the fellow teammates.

5. Wearable gaming:

Wearable technology took the consumer market by storm when they introduced gadgets like smartwatches or fitbits. From fitness, this technology is now progressing towards entertainment. This will make gaming portable without making any massive changes in the already existing hardware devices.

Why it is important to know about these innovations?

Because gaming entrepreneurs are aligning themselves with the marketing and branding objectives of the companies and industries that influence this set of the target audience in any way.

The primal nature of gaming is fast and so is the nature of its user. Hence, the early knowledge and adoption of these technological innovations will pave a concrete path for future advancements.

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