5 predictions for AR and VR technologies for the year 2019

AR & VR trends in 2019

Though AR and VR technologies have been around for at least 30 years, the mega application of these astounding concepts is being experienced in the present times and age. The operational and developmental costs have been compromised effectively and thus their wide acceptance in various fields can be noticed.

This article speaks about the change and trends that AR and VR technologies will be exposed to this year.

  • Experiential Buying: Consumers today are aware of the buying process and make an effort to make an active purchase. Reading the customer reviews and checking the social media platforms will be replaced by actually using the products via technology before they swap their cards. This is only possible through the integration of AR and VR technology in retail environments.
  • Travel Destination Recce: Travel and tourism companies and agents can exploit these technologies to transport their customers to their dream destinations and give them a glimpse of what the holiday would look like. Travel enthusiasts will really indulge in this advancement as it will replace the mundane travel reviews of the previous travelers with a live update.
  • Free trials: The word ‘free’ garners the most attention in any sentence. The foundation that you see while scrolling Instagram can be tested in real time through AR and VR technologies. The sofa set that you have been eyeing for so long can be virtually placed in your living room to check if it is taking too much space. From real estate to retail, this has wide scope and applicability which will only nourish customer experience in the immediate future.
  • Digital Business Cards: Obsolete business cards stand strong to be replaced by AR business cards. This differentiation definitely lends that innovative touch most corporates are looking for. It is nothing like a business card but more like a company profile or resume that fits in your pocket. With no limit on the information that you can share this trend will catch up quicker than the others.
  • Teachers and training: Integration of AR apps in the regular curriculum in schools or rise in the sale of educational toys, the radical turnaround in the field of education with AR and VR technologies is already underway. It will pave the way for interactive learning, performance enhancement and most importantly sharpening the skills of the students that will be applicable in the real world.

Any technology that is making things simpler yet enriching the lives of the people using it will stay for a longer time.

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