Technologies that you must know about in 2019.

Must know technologies of 2018

If you are not one of those people who peep in their mobile devices from their sleepy eyes the first thing in the morning, either you don’t own one or have a time schedule of a ninja. In both cases, you cannot deny that our lives are technology conducive and it is only catching up at a faster pace than in the last decade. The knowledge of their existence thus is imperative to one and all.

We have curated the following 10 of the most trending technologies that are or will be spinning the world with their innovation in the coming time.

  1. Robotics and Drones: The construction and use of Robots to perform tasks that are essentially performed by humans come under the purview of Robotics. On similar lines, drones can be described as flying robots that work with GPS and sensors. The traditional robots have been replaced by intelligent and dexterous robots & drones and are widely used in manufacturing and automobile industry. Drones are used in difficult rescue situations, like collecting disaster data, deploying first aid-kits and even searching for victims in collapsed buildings.
  2. 3D Printing: Creation of three dimensional solid objects by solidifying materials under computer control is known as 3D printing. This technology is playing a phenomenal role in the advancement of Biomedical Sciences. Helping in increasing the quality of diagnosis, it also aids in surgical resection. The current application of 3D printing can be seen massively in the corrections of facial bone fractures and skull reconstruction.
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: As self-explanatory the term Artificial Intelligence is, it simply means the use of machine intelligence to complement or replace human or natural intelligence, thus speeding up the processes. Machine Learning is a sub-set of AI and essentially focuses on data-analysis and programming. A lot of companies owe their successful alignment of their business goals with the strategic advancement of technology to Machine Learning. With supervised algorithms and the knowledge of desired output, Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way businesses are done.
  4. Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology is the application of matter on an atomic, molecular or supramolecular scale. This technology uses sensors that can detect even very small amounts of chemical elements. The root of nanotechnology is nano-medicine. The applied use of nanotechnology is in medical sciences, military, astronomy, and computing. If you google anti-bacterial socks and the role of nanotechnology in the same, you will realise that when it comes to technology even textiles is not an untouched territory. There are sunscreens and night creams that use nanotechnology to block ultraviolet rays and to reverse aging respectively.
  5. Gene Editing: Genome Editing in inserting, deleting, replacing or modifying the DNA in the genome of a living organism using genetic engineering. Genome Editing is being promoted and funded heavily because of its role in curing cancer, mental diseases, and other rare diseases. The diseases that have a genetic base will see prodigious new dawn through the advancements of technology in this field.

The next 5 technology trends will be covered in the next blog post.

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