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From speedy access to the internet from the densest of forests to the ability of instantly getting in touch with that back-bencher friend from school by dialing just a few digits; recent technological developments have changed how we prioritize, communicate and make life-changing decisions.

In a layman’s term information technology is the industry that relates to the management of data, communications, connectivity, and the technology infrastructure that supports it. In my own experience, I have witnessed an aversion towards knowing about this industry if you are not from it. Since nothing apart from rocket science is rocket science, I have taken this onus to keep things simple yet self-explanatory. The blog, topics, write-ups, stories on this platform will be as simple as the term ‘Information Technology’.

When it comes to reading about technology, people usually find it mundane and dry. Contrary to which, the world of technology has a dimension that has the power to mesmerize you along with imparting knowledge at the same time. It is not a rule that an art critic has to be an acclaimed artist to understand the brush strokes. Similarly, not everyone can or should be an engineer or open a dictionary to understand what is new in the world of technology. Even if you are not from the field of technology this blog will talk about innovation and developments that will add value to your knowledge bank.

From cloud computing and artificial intelligence to speech recognition and biometrics, there is so much that this field offers, the knowledge of which will only leave you wanting more. The single aim of this blog is to impart knowledge, keep you updated with the new developments in this industry and the government policies and developments in the same.

However much you try to live in denial, the fact remains that you consume technology as much as it consumes you.

If you want us to specifically talk about a technology or cover something in detail, you can write to us in the comments below.

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