Are chatbots the ultimate tool to ensure customer satisfaction?

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Are chatbots the ultimate tool to ensure customer satisfaction?

A bot is a software that is capable of performing an automated task. Hence, chatbot is a software that resides online in chat platforms or social media platforms. They can have a helpful conversation with a human that ultimately results in problem-solving or customer satisfaction. Massive advancements in technology have made sure that text or voice communication on bots graduates to graphical widgets or interfaces, making the platform further user-friendly.

How many times have you visited a website and a tiny chat window has made sure that all your queries are answered without picking up a phone and typing a long email? Chatbots have not only deleted multiple steps of a sales process but also have ensured healthy customer satisfaction for brands across the globe. Chatbots have ensured that leaner teams and efficient systems save time and resources on both sides.

53% of consumers have said that they prefer using online chats before calling a company representative for help. This number is even higher for the on-the-go millennial generation. The major reason for this inclination is an instant response system.

If we observe the success stories of the top customer-centric service brands like Uber, Netflix or Airbnb, we will realize that people place convenience over other factors and they surely want to avoid maximum human interaction in their product or service experience cycle. Another excellent example of this would be the facility of self-check-in at the airports or self-check-out at the grocery stores.

Businesses can choose from three types of live chat options:

  • Human Operated: Though it is one of the most used options, it comes loaded with disadvantages. Since there is a human on the other side answering all your questions, this process is usually delayed and time-consuming. At instances where people ping after working hours, it results in frustration and bad customer experience. But in businesses where complex things need to be explained to the customer, a human will surely do a better job.
  • Chatbots: In simpler terms, this is an automated response system. 80% of routine questions can be easily answered by the chatbots. The scope of error is also reduced significantly as the human factor is eliminated. The responses remain consistent and a gap is immediately identified and rectified in complex situations. On the other hand, it also reduces cost by almost 30%.
  • Hybrid: As the name suggests, it is the combination of the above two options. In theory and in practicality, this is the most viable and successful option in practice so far. The regular common questions can be answered by the bots and the complex questions are transferred to the expert humans behind the system.

No business has and ever will escape the bad customer experience that they throw at the world for long. In the long term, it is only good service and satisfied customers that will establish your brand’s equity. Automated live chats are a boon for the customers as well as the businesses.

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